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“Simple File Upload allowed my team to stop fighting with file uploading and focus on what matters - our customers. We had the uploader up and running in 5 minutes! It really is that easy! ”

File uploading is a pain

Think about the last time you added file uploads to your application. You probably had to:

  • Securely configure a cloud storage service
  • Set up IAM credentials
  • Configure your client to send direct uploads
  • Create presigned URLs on your server
  • Configure your bucket CORS
  • Implement client and server-side validations
  • Set up a front end file uploader UI

Oh and don’t forget that you’ll need to make it look good and match the rest of your application. You need uploading, but you don’t have time for that headache or want to manage that much infrastructure.

A Better Way

What if you could skip all the pain? What if you could add file uploading with two lines of code? Simple File Upload is a simple to use, yet robust file upload tool for your website. Whether you want to build a simple photo gallery application or something more complex, we've got you covered.

Uploading and Storage. Done.

Simple File Upload takes care of all the heavy lifting surrounding file uploads. The widget hooks into an input with class of simple-file-upload and replaces it with a dropzone. The user drops a file and the file is automatically uploaded to cloud storage via a direct upload. Files are served via a CDN which is imperitive in today's modern megabyte-sized website world.

Will it work for me?

Yes! Simple File Upload can be installed via a javascript snippet or React component. It works with all backend languages and databases.

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