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What is Simple File Upload?

Simple File Upload is a file uploader widget that you can add to your web app in less than 5 minutes. It allows users to easily add resumes, forms, photos, and more to your app.

Can't I just build this myself?

You could. But do you really have the time and resources for that? You'd have to: 

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Configure a secure cloud storage service

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Set up IAM credentials

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Configure direct uploads

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Create pre-signed URLs on your server

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Set your bucket permissions and CORS policies

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Implement client and server-side validations

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Design a front-end file uploader UI

Are you banging your head against the wall yet?

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There's an easier way.

Add our file uploader widget to your web app in just four easy steps:


Add a javascript snippet to the 'head' of your app


Add a hidden input with class 'simple-file-upload'


Save the returned URL to your database


View the uploaded file via the returned URL

That's it. We provide a prebuilt S3 setup. No Javascript required. No cloud storage account needed. Just easy, painless file uploads.

Our key features...

customize your upload widget image

Drag-and-Drop uploads

Our responsive upload widget allows your users to upload files with ease. Files are delivered with blazing fast speed via a global content delivery network (CDN).

Change the widget's icon, size, and colors to integrate with your existing UI. No CSS is needed. See how it works here.

Secure cloud storage

We know how difficult S3 is to set up and manage, so we've done it for you. We store files in redundant high-security, high-availability data centers. Files are also stored across two different service providers. Cloud storage is included for free for all customers.

data processing
multiple file uploads

Multiple file uploads

Don't limit your users to single file uploads! Want to allow your users to upload multiple forms to your job board? Or images to a real estate app? We do that. Upload up to 50 files at a time. Check out our tutorial.

Resize images before upload

Do you have a problem with users uploading large images? Are you wasting costly storage space? If your app is becoming expensive and slow to run, we can help.

Configure the upload widget to resize images to the same size before uploading them to the cloud. Start saving time and money now.

file bundle
smart resize

Dynamic image resizing

Want a faster, more efficient app? With Simple File Upload, you can upload images at full resolution. Then, use our dynamic image resizing to serve images at the correct size every time.

We make it easy to change image sizes even if your design requirements change.

Will it work for me?

Yes! Install the file uploader widget via a javascript snippet or a React component.
It works with all backend languages and databases.

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    Painless setup and installation

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    Prebuilt file uploader widget

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    Reliable, fast delivery via CDN

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    Free and safe cloud storage

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    Total developer control

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    Heroku friendly

Don't just take our word for it...

Fast file uploads from anywhere

File uploading can be complicated and time-consuming for developers. With Simple File Upload, we were able to install the upload widget quickly and provide file uploading from anywhere to our customers.

Robin Warren

Chief Dogsbody,
Cherry Wood Software

Stop fighting with file uploading

Simple File Upload allowed my team to stop fighting with file uploading and focus on what matters - our customers. We had the upload widget up and running in 5 minutes! It really is that easy!

Drew Clemens


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