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Simple File Upload

Add file uploading and cloud storage to your site with ease! No servers to configure or buckets to set up.

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Seamless File Uploading

Streamlined UI

Building a file drop user interface is hard. The Simple File Upload widget automatically creates a straightforward UI that by default will blend with your form. File too big? The user is immediately notified and the dropped image is cleared.

connected world

Content Distribution Network (CDN)

Files uploaded and served using Simple File Upload are available quickly by using a world class CDN that delivers files based on the user's location. This improves a site's Lighthouse score and response time.

Cloud Storage

Cloud storage for files is imperative in today's modern web world. Yet setting up cloud storage is a pain. CORS configuration, bucket permissions, signed upload urls...all of this takes precious developer time. Simple File Upload confgiures storage for you, to free you up to work on what's most important - your business.

Direct Uploads

Simple File Upload uses direct uploads, which means the file never touches your server.

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