Heroku drops the Filestack App? Upgrade to Simple File Upload for Hassle-Free File Uploading on Heroku

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December 22, 2024

Are you a Heroku user that uses the Filestack App? Big news – Heroku is dropping support for it! If you're used to easy file uploading with Filestack, this change will be challenging. This article will help you navigate through this change and introduce you to an awesome alternative – Simple File Upload. First, we'll explain what Filestack is and how it works on Heroku.

Then, we'll introduce you to Simple File Upload – straightforward file uploading on Heroku. We'll keep it simple, explaining step by step how it works. Next, we'll compare Simple File Upload vs Filestack. This will give you the lowdown on their features and performance. It's essential to know what you're getting into!

Lastly, the burning question – how do you switch from Filestack to Simple File Upload? We've got you covered with an easy how-to guide. If you're a Heroku user dealing with file uploads, this article is your go-to guide for a smooth transition. Let's dive in!

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What is the Filestack App?

Filestack is a file uploader for web apps. It can help you upload, change, and store different types of files. These files can be images or documents. A simple API lets developers easily add file uploading to their apps.

After December 2023, Heroku won't be supporting the Filestack add-on anymore. This means that Filestack won't be available anymore on your Heroku web app's dashboard. Billing will also be unavailable on Heroku.

This change poses a huge challenge for Heroku users. If you want to keep using Filestack, you'll have to create a separate Filestack account and access it externally rather than through your web app's dashboard.

So, if you're using Filestack with Heroku, it's time to explore other options to ensure your web app continues to run smoothly. Things change, and it's important to keep your tech stack updated to keep your app working as it should be.

What is Simple File Upload?

Simple File Upload is a user-friendly solution to effortlessly manage file uploading to your web app. With a powerful Upload API, users can upload content from anywhere, anytime. Users can easily drag-and-drop files, and Simple File Upload supports multiple file uploads.

Simple File Upload's dynamic transformation API enables on-the-fly changes and conversions to uploaded images. Additionally, the built-in global CDN ensures fast and optimized delivery of user files. As a result, this enhances the overall performance of your web app. 

Simple File Upload's customizable file uploader allows you to tailor its appearance without dealing with complex CSS. It also simplifies the file storage process. As a result, there's no need to set up and manage cloud storage – it's all done for you. 

✔️ Simple File Upload is an efficient, hassle-free solution for seamless file management on Heroku.

Simple File Upload integrates directly with Heroku (saving you time and effort)

Simple File Upload is purpose-built as a Heroku add-on. This makes it the simplest file uploader to install and use on Heroku. It is designed to seamlessly integrate with Heroku's ephemeral file system.

Heroku's dynos encapsulate your web app and have an ephemeral file system. This means that files not part of your app's core disappear when dynos restart or replace, which occurs at least once a day. Simple File Upload addresses this challenge by directly uploading to cloud storage from your user's browsers. This ensures your users files are securely stored in the cloud without ever touching your app. As a result, you won't lose any files when a dyno restarts.

As a Heroku add-on, Simple File Upload is also accessible on your web app's dashboard. No need to go back and forth between Heroku and a third-party website. Billing is also conveniently handled through Heroku. With Simple File Upload, you can keep all your data and billing on Heroku with your web app.

✔️  Simple File Upload is a user-friendly file uploader that is available on your Heroku web app's dashboard and integrates effortlessly with Heroku's ephemeral file system. Bonus, billing is handled directly through Heroku.

How can I upgrade from Filestack to Simple File Upload?

In the wake of Filestack being removed from Heroku in December 2023, transitioning to Simple File Upload is a compelling solution for users seeking a Heroku-friendly file management system. Simple File Upload integrates seamlessly with Heroku's infrastructure. Besides, it also offers a robust set of features designed to enhance your web app performance and user experience.

Simple File Upload's commitment to Heroku compatibility is underscored by its trust amongst over 175 Heroku developers worldwide.

Beyond compatibility, Simple File Upload excels in customizable design and efficiency. It allows for file uploads, storage, transformation, and delivery with optimal performance.

Let’s check out how to use Simple File Upload with your web app: 

Step-by-Step File Builder. Follow our easy step-by-step instructions to configure the file uploader to fit your needs. Our user-friendly file builder ensures that setting up the uploader is a straightforward process. No complex setup or integration required. Check out our documentation to learn more.

Quick integration with a JavaScript snippet. Access the power of our Upload API by adding a JavaScript snippet to the 'head' of your application. This ensures a seamless connection between your web app and our file uploader.

Effortless Database Management. Save the URL provided upon file upload directly to your database. This step streamlines the management of uploaded files. This allows for easy file retrieval and organization in your web app.

Accessible File Viewing via the Returned URL. Instantly view uploaded files through the URLs returned after the upload process. This straightforward approach ensures that you can effortlessly access and review uploaded content without frustration.

✔️ No need for extensive JavaScript knowledge or a separate cloud storage account. With our prebuilt S3 setup, we've simplified the entire process. Simple File Upload makes file uploading to your web app easy and painless.

Switch to Simple File Upload Today for Seamless File Uploading on Heroku

The shift from the Filestack App to Simple File Upload is not just a necessity in response to Heroku dropping support. Rather, it's a strategic move towards a more customizable and user-friendly file management system. Simple File Upload stands out as a Heroku-friendly solution. It is backed by a legacy of trust among numerous Heroku developers worldwide.

It takes less than five minutes to add Simple File Upload to your web app. The process is simple, and there's no need for extensive Javascript knowledge or a separate cloud storage account.

Moreover, the feature-rich comparison between Simple File Upload and Filestack highlights the former's strengths. It gives you better customization, built-in cloud stroage, dynamic transformations, and an affordable price point.

Simple File Upload ensures that the upgrade from Filestack to Simple File Upload is not just a necessity but an opportunity to enhance file management. Try Simple File Upload for free for 7 days now!


Why is Simple File Upload the best Filestack App alternative?

Switching to Simple File Upload from Filestack is a good move, especially if you're using Heroku. Simple File Upload integrates directly with Heroku's ephemeral file system. This makes the file uploading and storage process easier for you.

Simple File Upload is designed to be completely customizable, efficient, and easy to use. Plus, it's accessible on your web app's dashboard as a Heroku add-on.

Since Filestack’s support for Heroku ended last year, it's time to upgrade to Simple File Upload. It's all about making file uploading less complicated for you. Upgrading means less stress and more efficiency in managing your files on Heroku.

What is the best file uploader?

The best file uploader depends specifically on the requirements of your web app. However, if you are looking for a secure, simple, and Heroku-friendly option, opt for Simple File Upload. 

Is Simple File Upload cheaper than Filestack?

The price comparison between Filestack and Simple File Upload reveals a significant difference in their starter plans. Filestack kicks off at $59 per month, reflecting a higher entry point. Whereas Simple File Upload offers a more budget-friendly starter plan at only $16 per month. 

This price distinction can be a critical factor for users seeking a cost-effective file management solution. Simple File Upload not only provides an economical option but also ensures users get access to essential features and functionalities.

Why should I use Simple File Upload on Heroku?

Opting for Simple File Upload on Heroku is a wise choice for seamless file management. With a pocket-friendly starter plan, it's a budget-savvy alternative. Simple File Upload also ensures effortless integration, bypassing the complexities of Heroku's ephemeral file system. You'll also love how customizable it is, change everything about the file uploader with no CSS required!

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